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Charles Tetteh, a student in the Master of Engineering program in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (ASEM), was recently awarded the 2024 BCSP Foundation QAP/ABET Student Scholarship. The $5,000 scholarship is awarded to students who “demonstrate excellence in academic performance along with a commitment to advancing the field of safety as an up-and-coming safety professional.


Tetteh, a first-generation immigrant from Ghana in West Africa, previously was awarded the Leah McCraney Memorial Endowed Scholarship. He is a health and safety professional with Tata Chemicals North America and has more than 12 years of experience in the occupational health and safety profession.

“Thanks to the Master of Engineering in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management program, I have been able to incorporate the concepts of prevention through design and psychological safety into creating a safe workspace,” Tetteh said. “By developing a culture of trust our workers provide us with the appropriate information leaders and safety professionals need to understand how work is actually done rather than how we perceived it be done. This is the only way we can collaboratively work to create a safer workspace.”