In an effort to meet increasing industry demands for design_lab-2highly skilled workers, the School of Engineering offers a variety of tracks within its Master of Engineering. These tracks are designed to benefit working professionals who seek to increase their qualifications through specialized degree and certificate programs.

In 2017, the Master of Engineering degree was nationally ranked (27th) by US News & World Report for excellence in online engineering education. 


Program Handbook

The following tracks are available in the MEng:


Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (ASEM)

This is the first master’s degree in engineering with safety emphasis to be offered totally online. It is an easily accessible track designed for working professionals who hold an accredited undergraduate degree. The director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says UAB's ASEM track "is truly educating students for the 21st century.”

Construction Engineering Management (CEM)

The UAB CEM Master of Engineering degree track of study is specifically designed for working professionals in engineering, construction and project management companies of all sizes. The CEM track is committed to providing our students with contemporary knowledge which will truly change their world.  For those Individuals seeking knowledge necessary to lead and manage in a technical and highly competitive global environment, CEM might be right for you. The CEM experience is available to all professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree from any accredited U.S. university.  CEM was the leading innovator of online education for the UAB School of Engineering launching the first fully online master’s degree track of study in May 2009. 

Structural Engineering (CSE)

The Structural Engineering track is designed to help students prepare for the Professional Engineer Exam as well as the prestigious Structural Engineering Certification Exam. It consists of a 30-hour curriculum designed to be completed by working professionals in about 19 months. The curriculum requires seven core structural engineering courses, plus three engineering-management electives. A typical student will take two three-hour courses per academic term, completing the program in five academic terms (three terms per calendar year).

Design and Commercialization

The UAB Master of Design and Commercialization track offers a one-of-a-kind master's level concentration that allows engineering students to tackle real-world problems, bridging the gap between educational research and practical industrial applications. Students earn a MEng degree from the School of Engineering and a graduate certificate in technology commercialization. They also will have opportunities to develop products from basic designs to commercial viability in 18 months.

Information Engineering and Management (IEM)

Looking to take your technical career to the next level? Thinking about starting your own business? IEM is the track that combines business, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills into a two-year program that can be taken in the classroom, or entirely online. IEM focuses on real-world applications in order to enlighten clients and give them the tools they need to succeed. 

 Sustainable Smart Cities (SSC)

Cities are engines of economic growth, innovation, education and culture, but they are also home to concentrations of poverty, social exclusion, and environmental degradation; and they are responsible for 80 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide output. Rapid technological developments present unprecedented opportunities for cities to design and adapt into smart, sustainable environments through digital technologies, big data, smart mobility, renewable energy, and low-energy buildings and neighborhoods. UAB’s two-year online track in Sustainable Smart Cities will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help build the sustainable smart cities of the future.

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