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The MSBME is a researched-based degree that prepares you for entry into the doctoral program, biomedical industry, or professional schools. The program's primary research areas are:

  • A student conducting research to sustain livers in a bioreactor for future drug testing. Lindsay Miller in Dr. Berry's laboratory, conducting research to sustain livers in a bioreactor for future drug testing. biomedical imaging,
  • biomedical implants and devices,
  • cardiac electrophysiology,
  • multiscale computational modeling,
  • tissue engineering, and
  • regenerative medicine.

Other research opportunities are available through our ongoing collaborations with the UAB Medical and Dental schools.

Please see the Graduate Catalog for a listing of requirements to complete the program.

Career Paths

With the terminal degree, employment is often found in health-care delivery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biomedical imaging, instrumentation, medical sales and marketing, regulatory agencies, or computer application groups. Our graduates have found employment in research positions, the biomedical industry, and federal agencies.


Research is at the center of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Our mission is to improve health care by making scientific discoveries, solving problems, and advancing technology using quantitative methods. Read more about our facilities and learn about research being conducted by the department.

Certificate in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

The department offers a Certificate in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship as part of the MSBME program. This is a unique graduate training program featuring collaboration between BME and the UAB Collat School of Business. Biomedical engineering principles are blended with business-modeplanning in an effort to equip you with the skills to not only become a scientist and researcher, but also a business professional. BME students partner with MBA students to turn biomedical devices into commercial successes that are marketed worldwide.

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