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At the UAB School of Engineering, we’re looking for the minds that will solve tomorrow’s problems. We’re looking for those students driven to be the best, driven to build the world around them as they see fit. What we’re offering is the resources to do it. A renowned faculty and academic research center. A fast-track to the best jobs and internships in the state. And 15 graduate degree programs to set you up for success.

Matt Quarnstrom

“Growing up I was a big Lego® kid. I just wanted to play with Legos® for the rest of my life. Turns out, when you are older, they start calling big Legos® bricks, so I decided to go with Civil Engineering.”

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  • Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical Engineering Program

    UAB offers bachelor’s, fifth year and two-year master’s, and doctoral degree programs. The bachelor’s degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

    The partnership between Engineering and Medicine at UAB helps us foster the highest levels of research while offering a world-class biomedical education. Students can participate in biomedical engineering student organizations and apply for co-ops with the UAB Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and other schools and departments. Graduating with a degree in Biomedical Engineering can prepare you for a career in medical products, hospitals or healthcare groups; pursue advanced education in graduate school; or attend medical, dental or another professional school.

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  • Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering Program

    When it come to building the future, civil engineers do it quite literally. They plan and design buildings, bridges, roads, and the evaluation of their operational performance. Our program offers distinguished undergraduate and graduate study and cutting-edge research in civil engineering theory and practice.

    Civil engineering is also our leading department for experiential opportunities, meaning 84% of students holding an internship or co-op prior to graduation. Why wait to start building your future?

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  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering Program

    As our daily lives grow more dominated by information, communications, and technology there has never been better time to pursue a degree in electrical and computer engineering. In this program you’ll study rapidly developing technologies, manufacturing and healthcare innovations, energy generation, management and transmission, and smart systems.

    From embedded systems for robotic and autonomous devices to artificial intelligence and machine learning, our teaching and research programs give you what you need for a successful engineering career.

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  • Materials Engineering

    Materials Engineering Program

    Materials engineering involves the development and application of engineering materials that meet specific needs in our society. Through knowledge of the engineering properties of metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, students learn how to control this process to build the world around them.

    Materials Engineers are employed in every major industry, including aerospace, chemical, automotive, metals casting, biomedical, and microelectronics. And at UAB, you won’t have to break the bank for your degree, meaning you’re already a leg up on the competition.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering Program

    Our modern economy thrives off the devices, machines and systems we rely on every day. It is mechanical engineers who conceive and design these devices, paving the way for the age of technology.

    If you’re interested in a career in mechanical engineering, UAB will set you up for a future of success. And we’re one of the most affordable universities in the South, meaning you can build that future for yourself without building a ton of student debt.

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  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design Program

    The new Engineering Design is a degree unlike any other in the UAB School of Engineering - one you can tailor any way you want. The program is intended for students whose interests aren’t aligned with a current engineering discipline. It’s focused on innovation and design.

    For those with the most innovative minds - those highly adaptable to different learning environments, prepared to work in interdisciplinary teams, and adept at hands-on learning - the Engineering Design program at UAB is made just for you.

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In-state tuition may also be available to students in certain states through the Academic Common Market (ACM). Current eligible states include Georgia and Maryland for the B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, and Delaware, Louisiana, and Mississippi for the B.S. in Materials Engineering.

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