fall2014The UAB Department of Biomedical Engineering is expanding its reach. Earlier this year the department became a joint department that will belong to both the UAB School of Engineering and the UAB School of Medicine. This development means biomedical engineers will have increased interaction with medical researchers and clinicians, an ideal environment for accelerating the pace of high-tech biomedical research.

Also in this issue:
  • Materials Science and Engineering Chair Barry Andrews retires after 38 years at UAB, giving way to longtime professor Uday Vaidya, who was promoted to MSE chair in June.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair Murat Tanik is named the Wallace R. Bunn Chair of Telecommunications.
    • Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center helps Birmingham land IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant.
  • Mechatronics Lab explores the tehnologies that will create the car of tomorrow.
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