Ed Druschitz, PhD, September 2012
Thesis:  High Strength Cast Aluminum Alloy Development 
BS - Central Washington University (Mechanical Eng)
MS - University of Missouri, Rolla (Metallurgy)
Employment: Nucor Steel, Birmingham

Ricardo Aristazabal, PhD, March 2012
Thesis: Intercritical Heat Treatment in Ductile Iron and Steel

Reginna Scarber, Postdoc, 2011-2012

Santosh Ghanti, MS, March 2011
Thesis: The Effects of Solidification Under Pressure on Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys

Pavan Chintalapati, PhD, April 2009
Thesis: Solidification under Pressure of Aluminum Castings

Timothy LeBeau, MS, 2008
Thesis: Brake Drum Production by Centrifugal Casting

Leonard Winardi, PhD, 2007
Thesis: Procedures for Predicting Pressure Inside Core