TrainingTo protect national security and foreign policy interests, the United States has enacted certain laws regulating exports. Export control refers to the federal rules and regulations that govern how certain items, technologies, and information can be shipped, transmitted, or transferred outside the United States or with foreign nationals (non-US citizens) within the United States, including here at UAB. Some scholarly, research, and operational activities conducted at UAB and collaborations or work abroad are impacted by these laws and regulations. This website is intended to provide you with the information you need to help ensure that all university activities comply with applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing export controls.

Export control issues can be complicated and confusing. It is very important to understand that these laws apply to YOU as an individual as much as they apply to the University. As such, violations can lead to very serious penalties for both YOU and the University. It is necessary to know about your legal obligations to help avoid an inadvertent violation since some of the penalties are criminal in nature and lack of knowledge or intent is not a defense.

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The Office of Responsible Research Practices within the Office of Research supports and organizes UAB's Export Control Program. The tools and materials provided here are to assist you in understanding how export control regulations affect your work and the steps you must take to address them. 

It can take several months to prepare and submit an application for an export license and to receive feedback from the federal government. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Responsible Research Practices within the Office of Research as soon as you believe an export control issue may exist or a license may be needed to export an item or information or work with a foreign national.