11th street repavingThe Planning Design & Construction team will oversee a project to mill and repave 11th Street South between University Boulevard and where it ends in Zone F. The street will be closed to all traffic starting 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 8th, and will be reopened to traffic on Monday, June 13th.

UAB hardhat, tape measure, and building plansA fence was erected, two buildings were demolished and renderings of the new Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building were released. That was all last year. You may be wondering why it seems like nothing is happening at the construction site the past couple of months.

Previous projects have had the same progress. Our campus has changed dramatically during the past 10 years, with new buildings, demolitions, and renovations changing its function and landscape. It’s exciting to watch the progress of projects, transforming from piles of dirt to beautiful buildings.

Demetria Scott 1For her work with the Valuing Inclusion to Accelerate and Lift (VITAL) program, Facilities’ Demetria Scott, manager of Small Business Inclusion (SBI), was recognized with an award from the Birmingham Business Alliance. The VITAL program is a partnership between the City of Birmingham and the Birmingham Business Alliance to increase procurement of products and services from small, diverse businesses.

Demetria Scott 1The Facilities Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program was introduced in March 2021 and the first nine program graduates have proven that leadership is achieved through continuous learning.

Collectively, LEAD Program graduates have completed 104 hours of live instruction, 87.5 hours of independent learning and countless hours of on-the-job practice applying the new skills they have gained during their program experience.

dispenser sortingDrying your hands on UAB’s campus will no longer require batteries or unnecessary waste. UAB Facilities, partnering with UAB Sustainability, has replaced a majority of campus paper towel dispensers with battery-free versions. Coupled with a transition to coreless, 40 percent recycled content paper products means a significant impact to waste diversion and energy management on campus.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve on our products and services,” said Scott Moran, director of Facilities Support Services. “This change is just one example of re-evaluating systems and finding improvements. We’re especially excited about reducing waste with the coreless paper towel and toilet paper products.”