In case our safety requirements have to change, please be thinking about the following:

  • Most UAB classrooms now have built-in lecture capture technology to allow lectures to be recorded automatically starting and ending at the official class times. Faculty do not have to do anything to activate this system. Video recordings become available in the My Media section of a Canvas course website. Faculty have full discretion whether to make these available (i.e., ‘Publish’) to students in which case they are accessible in a student’s Canvas course. Know how to use this technology. Some students may receive a DSS accommodations requiring that faculty make such lectures available to them this way
  • You are encouraged to have clearly-stated attendance policy in your course syllabi. Only in the case of a DSS accommodation related to class-attendance should your attendance policy not be applied. COVID-related symptoms should be treated like any other absences due to illness or medical emergency. COVID-related anxiety about in-person attendance is not a valid excuse for missing class. Click here for a Sample Syllabus.
  • Given the dynamic nature of the COVID pandemic, faculty should be prepared to teach a class entirely on Zoom (this would require approval from your supervisor and dean, with notice to the Provost), either from a classroom, from your UAB office, or remotely, for a period of time. You might also record a lecture using Zoom or other technology (with supervisor approval). There are numerous resources from eLearning. At this time, we are not expecting faculty to run parallel versions of their courses for students learning remotely, or to teach in a synchronous “hybrid” mode from the classroom (where some students are physically present and others participate remotely).
  • Disability Support Services works with students with disabilities and faculty to ensure students receive reasonable accommodations for their educational experiences at UAB in order to provide equal access to programs, services and activities. If you receive a notification from DSS about a student accommodation, please follow the instructions provided.
  • Be watchful for guidance from Human Resources about how they are accommodating employees (including faculty) experiencing personal COVID-related situations.
  • Be prepared for travel restrictions. At this time there is no international travel permitted for UAB employees, but domestic travel is allowed. This might change as circumstances may require.
  • Be prepared to move academic events such as guest lectures or symposia to a virtual format.