Course articulation is the process that determines the UAB equivalent for the foreign courses you will take. Articulation is a vital component of planning your experience and should begin before your study abroad commences. 

Course Articulation Process:

Step 1

Submit Your Syllabus

You submit a syllabus for each course you intend to take while abroad to the Office of Education Abroad.
Step 2

Office of Education Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad works with the UAB Enrollment Operations and department chairs to determine the UAB course that is equivalent to each of your intended courses.
Step 3

Approval of Classes

You receive notification of your approved classes from the Office of Education Abroad


The course articulation process takes approximately one month to complete per course.

We highly recommended that you contact our Peer Ambassadors to begin the course articulation process as soon as you have begun the admissions process for your study abroad program. Our Education Abroad Advisor is happy to meet with you to discuss course selection in detail.


School of Education Courses

Any education course(s) taken outside of the state of Alabama will transfer back as general elective credit. Students are strongly advised to speak with their School of Education Advisor before studying abroad to identify alternative courses they can take during a study abroad program or seek an appeals process with the state of Alabama Board of Education.