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Underrepresented students accounted for over 40% of Education Abroad students in 2018-19.

You’ve decided to make one of the best life-changing decisions-- the decision to study abroad! No matter where you go or how long you go abroad, you won’t regret it. Browse our different program offerings by length, major, or experience or search in our program portal.


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The first step is to identify the right program for you. Everyone has different priorities and goals—and that’s the great thing about study abroad—no two experiences are the same. Explore the different opportunities below.

If none of these opportunities are what you’re looking for, don’t worry! If you find a program that fits your needs independently, meet with us to get it approved as a non-supported program.


Semester Long

Full semester immersive experience enrolled at an international institution through exchange or an affiliate provider.

Short Term

Spend 1-week to 6-weeks abroad with a group of UAB students and learn from UAB faculty.


Explore opportunities to enhance your resume while building a professional network and earning academic credit.

Service Learning

Learn about programs that combine coursework with hands-on experience and helping communities in need.

Research Abroad

Interested in conducting research abroad? Explore your options today.

Global Remote Programs

Gain international education and internship experience without the concern of travel costs or restrictions!

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