Compensation for short-term lectures or consultation

J-1 scholars in the Professor and Research Scholar categories can accept compensation for one-off lecture opportunities at institutions other than UAB as long as the opportunity is:

  1. directly related to the objective of the exchange visitor’s program,
  2. incidental to the exchange visitor’s primary program activities,
  3. not going to delay the completion of the visitor’s program at UAB, AND
  4. is documented in SEVIS by the ISSS office prior to the activity taking place.

The scholar will be considered as an independent contractor for I-9 purposes.

If you wish to take advantage of a one-time lecture opportunity, please book an appointment with an A/RO (J-1 “Alternate Responsible Officer” or “Responsible Officer” in Department of State lingo) in the ISSS office and bring the following documentation with you:

  • Address of the location where you will provide the lecture
  • A letter from the host institution stating the terms of the opportunity, including the duration, number of hours, field or subject, amount of compensation, and description of the activity
  • A letter from your UAB department chair recommending the opportunity and stating how it will enhance your program at UAB.

Template letters are provided here for your convenience. Once one of our A/ROs has reviewed the documentation with you during the scheduled interview, we will make a determination as to whether the activity is warranted and will update your SEVIS record accordingly. Please note if you do not follow the above process, ISSS will be unable to write a letter on your behalf or otherwise facilitate any payment to you from the host university.