Your reservation will be honored, unless the UAB Graduate School, Student Accounting or Financial Aid needs a room and the Large Conference Room is the only/best room option. Your event may be moved to another comparable room in Lister Hill Library or need to be re-scheduled. This is rare, and you will be notified as soon as possible. Reservations are limited to Lister Hill Library Faculty and Staff.


The keys for both conference rooms can be obtained in the Graduate School Office (LHL G03). If your event is scheduled to end after 4pm, you will be given a key which can be slid under the door for the Large Conference Room, should the Graduate School Office be closed by the time your event ends.

Food and Set-up/Clean-up

  • You are welcome to bring in food for your event. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have food delivered, set up, and then broken down after the event. Trash should be bagged and placed at the end of the hall, near Financial Aid. (Please ask if you are unsure where this area is located).
  • The room is configured for meeting style. You are welcome to move the tables and chairs to best serve your event, however, the room must be put back to its original configuration before you leave. This is true even if your event ends in the evening or on Friday afternoon.
  • Lights must be turned off before leaving.