Mission Statement

Inspiring minds today to transform tomorrow


Improving lives globally through the accomplishments of our scholars


Core Values

We value an academically excellent learning environment.

Therefore we will:

  • Strive for excellence in graduate programs and postdoctoral training by continually upgrading program offerings to compete with other leading graduate schools.
  • Recruit students and postdoctoral fellows in a competitive manner by providing high quality and rigorous research and training programs.

We value and celebrate diversity in cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

Therefore we will:

  • Recruit graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and other research scholars both nationally and internationally.
  • Promote the importance of diversity in research and pedagogical philosophy in order to provide well-rounded educational and professional opportunities for our students and postdoctoral fellows.

We value a student-centered learning environment.

Therefore we will:

  • Prepare graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to participate successfully in both academic and other professional arenas.
  • Develop and sustain interdisciplinary graduate and postdoctoral training programs that will promote creative thinking across disciplines.
  • Advocate for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows while serving as a liaison between trainees and the University administration.

We value University growth.

Therefore we will:

  • Create and enforce policies that promote progress for both trainees and the University.
  • Provide leadership in the development and evaluation of innovative graduate and postdoctoral training programs.