UAB employees may follow the steps below to determine eligibility and next steps for the Hybrid (Partially) Remote, In-State (Fully) Remote and Out-of-State (Fully) Remote work options.

Employees in Workgroup A are also eligible to request a Flexible Work Schedule allowing a compressed or non-traditional work schedule (i.e., 4 or 4.5 days of work per week) provided the total number of hours worked in a week is at least 40. This option will allow more Workgroup A employees to participate in the Alternate Work Options program — some who may not otherwise be eligible or approved for hybrid or remote opportunities. If approved by a supervisor, eligible employees can participate in multiple options (e.g., remote or hybrid employees can also be considered for a Flexible Work Schedule). For more information on Flexible Work Schedules, visit the Alternate Work Options FAQs page.

  • Step 1

    Is your job eligible for Hybrid/Remote?

    Hybrid/Remote eligible jobs are those with duties and responsibilities which can be effectively performed, whether fully or partially, at an alternate work location (off-site).

    Access the UAB Employee Workforce App online to determine whether your job can be considered for a hybrid or remote schedule. If your job is considered eligible, you will see “Remote/Hybrid Possible: Hybrid or Remote; Hybrid Only; or Not Eligible” clearly identified below your workgroup assignment and above your specific job title.

  • Step 2

    Are you eligible for Hybrid/Remote?

    Many positions require an in-person presence to best serve our students, patients, community and each other, so many will not be eligible for Hybrid or Remote schedules. Some, however, can be done well — and sometimes more effectively — off-site.

    If a group or individual's job can be considered for a Hybrid/Remote work schedule, an administrative unit has the discretion to consider those positions for Hybrid/Remote arrangements based on local needs, including the ability to manage and monitor productivity among groups or individuals. If your job is eligible for Hybrid/Remote, your unit/supervisor will determine your eligibility.

  • If you are eligible for Hybrid/Remote...

    If the UAB Employee Workforce App identifies your job as Hybrid/Remote possible and your supervisor has confirmed that you are eligible, follow the next steps below.

    1. Submit Hybrid/Remote Agreement (must be accessed via campus network or VPN)
    2. Complete Training for UAB Employees
    3. Review Information Technology Hybrid/Remote Work Policies
  • Alternate Work Options | Process Flow | Additional Resources

    Alternate Work Options

    Hybrid (Partially) Remote

    In-State (Fully) Remote

    Out-of-State (Fully) Remote

    Flexible Work Schedule

    • Up to 4 days a week off-site
    • No limit on the number of staff who participate
    • Must reside in Alabama and report to their on-site work location within 90 minutes of notice
    • Includes Executive Administrator, Executive Director and above positions, provided on-site staff have a supervisor on-site
    • 100% off-site
    • Combined with Out-of-State Fully Remote, up to 10% of VP/School staff eligible to participate
    • Excludes positions at Executive Administrator/ Executive Director and above
    • Must be pre-approved by HR & Finance
    • Fully Remote only
    • May constitute up to 50% of VP/Schools’ total remote allocation when combined with the In-State limit
    • Schools/Units could be assessed 10% of individual staff annual salary administrative fee or roll costs into RCM
    • Excludes positions at Executive Administrator/ Executive Director and above
    • On Campus, Hybrid, In-State/Out-of-State Fully Remote eligible
    • Staff must work at least 40 hours per workweek
    • May work 4 days or 4 1/2 days per workweek (example)
    • May adjust start and stop times of shift
    • Non-exempt (hourly) employees must take at least a 30-minute meal break when working 6 hours or more

    Alternate Work Options Process Flow

    Additional Resources for Employees