To move our institution forward and support a learning culture, it's essential to devote time and creative energy to reflection and planning a course of action that enables the department to move from the current state to the future state. This is done by setting goals and developing action steps. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to focus on how individuals can help move the larger institution forward while developing their skills and career. See below for the key elements of goal setting and instructions on developing an IDP.

  • Goal Setting

    The information below highlights why we set goals at UAB and provides some guidance on what types of goals you should develop and tips to make goal writing effective using a SMART goal format.

    Why set goals?
    • Provides focus.
    • Provides long-term vision.
    • Provides short-term motivation.
    • Improves communication.
    • Increases self-confidence and promotes recognition.
    • Increases productivity.
    • Ensures the right work is getting done.
    • It helps individual contributors understand the importance of their work.
    • Allows one to monitor if actions being taken are having the intended impact.
    Types of Goals: Development and Performance
    The goals setting section of the evaluation form is designed to define "the look forward" with a development plan for the upcoming performance year by developing goals related to performance and professional growth.

    Development Goals
    Development goals focus on your professional development. They include skills and competencies to become more effective in your current role or take on new roles and responsibilities.

    Performance Goals
    Purpose: To clearly express desired outcome expectations for a specific job, role, task, or responsibility.

    Example: During the active Fall Session, the weekly enrollment report will be complete with all edits and delivered (with a time-stamp) to the Department Chair no later than 12 p.m. noon the Friday before each Tuesday’s Enrollment Review meeting.

    The following resources can aid in goal setting. Online Learning:

    Creating SMART Goals
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)

    What is an IDP?
    • It helps you create professional development goals.
    • Supports developing behaviors and skills for your current and future role.
    • Guides developmental conversations with your manager.

    The job resources below can aid in developing your IDP.

UAB Continous Performance Management Process