Users log on to the Oracle Administrative System using a BlazerID and strong password, but what a user is able to access within Oracle is based on their responsibilities. "Responsibility" is the term used to identify the sets of web pages, menu options, forms, data, and reports that users can use within the system. Some Responsibilities are set up automatically for the users based on certain criteria, and other Responsibilities must be set up with the Access Control Form (ACF).

In addition to Access Responsibilities, employees may be assigned certain Administrative Roles to view/update data and receive notifications and reports.

Oracle Login

Anyone needing access to Oracle must have their own BlazerID and a strong password. After the ACT hire document has reached a complete status, an overnight process adds the individual to the UAB Electronic Campus Directory, which is used to validate requests for BlazerIDs.

If the individual does not have a BlazerID, they can easily obtain one by accessing the BlazerID Central website.

After entering the BlazerID and Password, users must accept the "Sign on Agreement" to gain access to the system. The Sign on Agreement references the Oracle Access Agreements for Employees.

HR & FN Responsibilities

Click on the below link to view Oracle HR and FN responsibilities.

Managing Responsibilities

The Access Control Form (ACF) is used to request, change, and terminate access responsibilities for an employee. Please click on the link below for information on requesting, changing, and terminating system access.

Administrative Systems Roles

Various roles can be assigned to an employees to maintain, view, retrieve, and receive specified reports. Click on the below link for description of these roles.