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Communications Team

The Communications team leads all strategic communication efforts for the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Our team maintains the department website, distributes monthly newsletters, manages all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and produces and promotes important department news internally and externally.

Dawn Williams 
Communications Director

Courtney Cole 
Web Content Coordinator


Branding Guidelines and Logo/Template Downloads 

Always check your logo use with the UAB Style Guide
Download UAB templates (PowerPoint, flyer, poster, map, and more) here. 


  • UAB Standard Logo

    standard logo

    Use the UAB standard logo (also known as the monogram logo) when space is limited on a sign or smaller promotional items.

  • UAB Preferred Logo

    standard 2 logo

    Use the UAB standard logo (also known as the monogram logo) when space is limited on a sign or smaller promotional items.

  • UAB School of Medicine Logo

    preferred logo

    • Use this logo when communicating within the SOM or with medical audiences.
    • “Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine” may appear directly below this logo. There is not a department logo independent of the SOM logo with the UAB monogram component.

Communication Services 

  • External Audience

    External audiences include members of the media, external donors, alumni, etc. If you’re creating a communications piece for external use, it is best for us to be involved so that we can ensure university and SOM branding guidelines are followed. In some cases, we can even create your document for you and save you time!

    Aren’t sure whether your document is for external use? Here are some questions that will help you decide:

    • Will audiences outside of your immediate team see this document?
    • Will you be sending this document to audiences outside of UAB?
    • Is it patient-facing or meant to be posted on a website?
    • Are students or partners going to use the document to reference departmental programs or requirements?
    • Are you using the document as a part of a presentation on behalf of UAB, the SOM, or the department?

    If you could say “yes” to any of these questions, your document is likely meant for external use and could benefit from a communications team member helping to create it.

    NOTE: If a member of the media (i.e. news stations, radio hosts, reporters, etc.) contacts you directly, please be sure to reply to the email with a communications team member copied. You can also forward any external media requests you receive personally to us so we can coordinate with University Relations on setting up interviews.

  • Promoting Your Messages

    We want to help share your stories and successes. We have several outlets that we are always looking to update with news from the department. Here are a few examples:

    • Social Media
      • We love to share photos of our faculty and staff making a difference in the community. Send any of the communications team photos from your projects (be sure to obtain written permission from subjects outside of UAB) and we may share them on social media.
    • Newsletters
      • We send a monthly departmental newsletter to all department faculty, staff, and partners across the state. Sharing your stories and projects with us will usually include a mention in that newsletter. We also share stories with the School of Medicine for stories with relevance to the entire school.
    • Website
      • In many cases, we can update our department website pages with relevant updates about programs, clinics, and faculty successes.
    • Website Stories
      • We aim to publish at least 1-2 stories per month in our news tab on our website. Share your updates with us and they may appear in a website story.