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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at UAB is comprised of scientists focused on cutting-edge research and discovery. To accomplish their research goals, our faculty deploy a diverse range of experimental and analytical technologies, including NMR, mass spectrometry, crystallography, genetic analyses, genomics, and enzymology.

Our faculty are housed in the Shelby Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Building, the McCallum Basic Health Sciences Building, the Bevill Biomedical Research Building, and the Kaul Human Genetics Building. Being centrally located in the UAB Health Sciences complex provides unique opportunities for collaborative research with many other basic and clinical investigators.

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics has assembled a diverse faculty of scientists focused on cutting-edge research and discovery. Areas of research include:

Cancer Biology

Sanjib BanerjeeTom BrokerLouise Chow, Yvonne EdwardsRomi Gupta Natalia KedishviliWill PlaczekDavid Schneider, Narendra Wajapeyee

Chromatin and Epigenetic Regulation

Igor ChesnokovTom RyanTim Townes, Rui Zhao

Metabolism and Signaling

David BedwellNatalia Kedishvili, Kirill PopovDavid Schneider

Post-transcriptional Control of Gene Expression

David BedwellYvonne EdwardsKim Keeling, Matt Renfrow, Rui Zhao

Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression

Yvonne EdwardsTom RyanDavid SchneiderTim Townes

Structural Biology

Champion DeivanayagamChad PetitWill Placzek, Matt Renfrow, Dmitry Vassylyev

DNA Synthesis & Repair

Sanjib BanerjeeTom BrokerIgor ChesnokovLouise ChowPat Higgins

Disease Mechanisms

David Bedwell, Igor ChesnokovNatalia KedishviliKim KeelingMatt RenfrowTom RyanTim TownesRui Zhao

"The ultimate aim of the modern movement in biology is in fact to explain all biology in terms of physics and chemistry." – Francis Crick (1966) Of Molecules and Men.