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A number of educational opportunities are available for graduate and medical students, residents, clinical research fellows, post-doctoral PhD fellows and faculty. 

COOKS has had many medical students work within the laboratory through O’Brien Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research grants. Our group continues to present our data at national and international meetings as well as consortium meetings. Stay tuned for the annual scheduled workshop bringing world leaders on obesity and kidney stone disease. 

Educational Enrichment Program

The Educational Enrichment Program is broad based and participants include medical students, graduate students, residents, clinical research fellows, post-doctoral PhD, fellows and faculty.  






Planned Educational Events

Educational events will include monthly research seminars, bi-annual presentations at institutional center meetings and the annual workshop. All the investigators in this program are expected to attend. Members of the CCTS, the current UAB O’Brien Center, NORC, Department of Nutrition, Department of Pathology, Division of Hepatology/G.I. Medicine, and the faculty, residents and fellows of the Department of Urology will also be invited to further stimulate interest in this project. Future meeting topics for the workshops include the following: Influence of Obesity on Hepatic Metabolism, Influence of Obesity on Renal Function, Impact of Obesity on Metabolic Disease Linked to Kidney Stone Formation, Novel Imaging Platforms for Monitoring Hepatic Metabolism. We will keep you updated on planned meeting time.