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Thermo Orbitrap Q Excative HF-X

Recent Purchase by the UAB O'Neal CCC, the UAB Heersink SOM, and the Department of Anesthesiology

Thermo Orbitrap Q Exactive HF X

Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Velos Pro

Agilent 1260 infinity nano-HPLC stack and Auto-Sampler


BioTek Microplate Spectrophotometer

Synergy 2 Multi-Mode (UV/ VIS/ / NIR/ FL/ L) Top & Bottom Reader


UVP BioSpectrum® Imaging System (UV/ VIS/ IR/ FL/ L) 


Sutton Nano Laser Quartz Tip Puller with Column Packing Bomb 


Cell Culture Room: Laminar Flow Hood, CO2 Incubator, & 2 Microscopes

 Cell Culture Room

Two -80°C Refrigerators (Long-Term Storage Available For MSP-SF Users)

 Two 80C Refrigerators


Server Stack


Our facility houses nearly 30 computers on the UAB network in our own subdomain. Our computing equipment includes 2 high-end workstations and 5 high-speed high capacity double firewalled servers(below) that contains over 80TB of dynamic drive space and an additional 105TB of backup storage for archiving and automated nightly backups for all computers throughout the MSP-SF (including all MS instruments).

  • Primary fileserver: 44TB of drive space, 64 GB RAM,  AMD EPYC 7401P 24Core processors
  • Unix application server: powered by Oracle Linux and Oracle Database 64 GB RAM, 2 - AMD 2.6GHz 12 Core processors
  • Primary domain controller: for our network: 2 GB RAM, 1 - Intel 2.0 GHZ Dual Core processor
  • Backup domain controller: Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  • Secondary fileserver: 30TB, 32 GB RAM, 2-AMD 3.1GHz 8 Core processors
  • Application server: 64GB RAM, AMD EPYC 7401P 24Core processor 2.0GHz, 44TB between 1.7 TB high speed SSD and 6 8TB HDD in RAID 5 Array


  • Search Engines: SEQUEST, MASCOT
  • Denovo Sequencing: MASCOT Distiller
  • 2D PAGE Analysis: Nonlinear Samespots
  • MS Peptide & PTM Grouping, Filtering, and Quantification Analysis: MASCOT Distiller, Proteome Software Scaffold, Scaffold PTM/ Q+S and Thermo Protein Discoverer with Quan and XLINKX
  • Bruker Daltronics Suite: LCWARP, Biotools, Rapid Denovo, Fleximaging
  • Statistical Analysis: Statistica, Graphpad Prism, Origin, Microsoft Excel with Macro’s, and Qlucore
  • Systems Analysis: GeneGO-metaCore, Blast2Go-Pro
  • Data Sharing: MSP-SF LIMS, all data is retrievable via HTML

Additional Essential Equipment

  • Small Molecule & Lipid Preparation Station (including two multi-well SPE devices w/ multi-well heated drying system – w/ argon & nitrogen)
  • Chemical Synthesis & Distillation Apparatus
  • Savant Explorer SpeedVac® Concentrator with multiple adapters including 96 deep well
  • Sorvall Legend XTR centrifuge with multiple adapters including a 96 deep well plate holder
  • Chemical Fume Hoods (2)
  • Refrigerated Cold Cabinets (2)
  • Freezers -20°C (2)
  • Multiple Centrifuges (cooled and RT)
  • Multiple Standard and Midi gel boxes for 1D PAGE & WB
  • 1D Gel Electro-Eluter
  • Thermocyclers (3)
  • High-Speed 96 Multi-Well Shaker
  • Heated Multi-Well Shaker
  • Large Water Bath Sonicator
  • Cell Disruptor