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A few examples, i.e. presentations and links to movies and sites to help get you up to par with the more common instruments and approaches

Mass Spectrometry (MS) Common to Proteomics Research:

Different Mass Spectrometry Types (i.e. MALDI vs. SELDI, Wiki Definitions)

MALDI-TOF-MS Profiling (Example MALDI Biotyper by Bruker Daltronics)

MALDI Vs. ESI (John Fenn Lecture)


ESI-MS2 (Example of Ion Trap Technologies by Thermo Finnigan)


Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (Overview of Synapt HDMS by Waters)

A Few MS Procedures Applications:

Tissue Imaging (hosted by Protein Discovery)

NCI videos explanation by Richard Caprioli, Ph.D. (Examples of Profiling/ Imaging MS)

NCI biomarker discovery (Various examples related to Biomarker Discovery)

Mass Spectrometry Video and Lecture Series from Bio-Alive

ITRAQ (quantitative MS)

SILAC (quantitative MS)

AQUA (quantitative MS)

Non-Tagged Comparative Proteomics

Video on Ultra thin MALDI MS

Common Ionization Processes in MS Driven Proteomics:

Collision Induced Dissociation (CID)

Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD, Example from Thermo Finnigan)

Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD)

Infrared Multiple photon Dissociation (IRMPD)

Secondary Ion MS (SIMS)

Protein Extraction/ Separations/ Isolation Approaches:

Top-Down Vs. Bottom Up Overview

Video on 1D PAGE

2D PAGE Overview

Video on Protein PAGE Staining

Video on Western Blotting

Video on Laser Capture Micro-dissection (LCM)

Nano-HPLC definition

MuDPIT Overview

Shotgun Proteomics Definition

Ion Chromatography (IEC) Overview

General Chromatography Notes from GE