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Services & New Pricing; September 2021 (reflecting a 15-20% increase per unit item)

The MSP-SF chargeback's (Table 1.) are based on the combined cost of equipment usage, disposables, and percent efforts. The LIMS and CCC billing system allow for accurate tracking of facility services provided to PI's, in addition to the generation of quotes prior to initiation of a project. In this way PI's are aware of what each project will cost and electronically approve both the planned experimental design and the quoted cost upfront through our LIMS.

Service DescriptionUnit Price
Unit Price
Consultation (Director) $120 $160 Hourly
Measuring Protein Concentration* $20 $25 Each
Cell/Tissue Homogenization (Frozen) $25 $30 Each
Cell/Tissue Homogenization (FFPE) $95 $130 Each
1D Gel Separation $20 $25 Each
1D Gel Staining (includes imaging gel) $35 $50 Each
Enzymatic Digestion (each enzyme if more than one) $30 $40 Each
Solid Phase Extraction (CapTrap) $95 $125 Each
Solid Phase Extraction (ZipTip) $30 $40 Each
Centrifugal Filtration $35 $50 Each
Advanced Sample Preparation (dedicated staff time)* $60 $80 Hourly
High Resolution LC-ESI-MS/MS (3hr run) $190 $300 Each
High Resolution LC-ESI-MS/MS (2hr run) $150 $220 Each
High Resolution LC-ESI-MS/MS (1hr) $110 $150 Each
Basic Bioinformatics & Reporting (dedicated staff time)* $60 $80 Hourly
Advanced Bioinformatics & Reporting (dedicated staff time)* $120 $160 Hourly

        * (additional details are indicated below)

Additional Details for Services Provided:

    • Measuring protein Concentration: we use either the BCA or EZQ (Invitrogen) assay kits as per manufacturers' instructions depending on concentration and volume of the sample. We apply an 8-pt standard BSA curve (n=4) and when possible samples are analyzed in triplicate.
    • Advanced Sample Preparation: these applications include dedicated personnel time (and do not include additional cost for specialized kits and disposables) for immuno-enrichment of specific proteins, or depletion of most abundant proteins from cell/ tissue extracts, or biological fluids, cryo-sectioning and histology of frozen tissues, chemical labeling/derivatization for quantitative proteomics (ex: TMT 6-plex), preparative or analytical HPLC separations (offline), 2D PAGE (small or large format, native or denatured), 2D PAGE staining and automatic or manual spot picking, methods development (new and unique applications), and PTM enrichments such as Glyco, Carboxy, Phospho, acetyl, etc.
    • Basic Bioinformatics & Reporting: includes raw data conversion to MzXML, database searches using Scaffold or MASCOT, any analysis through the trans-proteomics pipeline (TPP) suite, basic PTM analysis with Scaffold only with no manual interpretation, basic quantification using spectral counting, and reporting data output from these analysis.
    • Advanced Bioinformatics & Reporting: includes Programming, quantification using MASCOT Distiller, Scaffold Q+/S, or SameSpots, statistical analysis (single or multivariate), Systems Biology/ Pathway Analysis using Metacore, generating reports including figures and tables, programming time, generation of tailored databases, PTM analysis using Scaffold PTM, Manual Interpretation, and reporting from any of these analysis.