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Sample Submission Form

UAB Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Shared Facility

James Mobley, PhD; Director
1900 University Blvd, THT 520
Birmingham, AL 35294

Please submit a separate form for samples that require different applications or species.

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External users: Please type 'External' in Oracle Account String box. We accept checks, credit cards, and wire transfer for payment, please contact Kyoko Kojima below for question regarding payment.

  1. In order to better serve our customer, no request will be processed unless this order form is accompanied with a detailed description of the sample(s) to be processed as shown below.

  2. Please send all correspondence and samples to:
    Kyoko Kojima Ph.D
    1900 University Blvd, THT 520
    Birmingham, AL 35294
    PHONE: 205-996-6213
    FAX: 205-996-6940
    EMAIL: kkojima@uab.edu

Please allow 7-15 working days for standard sample processing and analysis.

For any special processing, time demands, or technical questions, please contact Kyoko Kojima Ph.D. Also, if you let us know in advance, we will do our best to meet any grant related deadline.

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Please enter the name/ID of the sample(s) you are submitting, please feel free to copy and paste information directly into the form, or to send the information to Kyoko Kojima Ph.D, in the latter case, please enter "sent by email".
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What kind of sample are you submitting, please be as specific as possible (i.e. gel band, cell line extract, tissue sections, a purified protein, or synthetic peptides, etc)?
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Please tell us the specific specie(s) related to your samples. You can select more than one item. make more than one selection, or enter by hand in the comments box below. NOTE: We use subsets of the Uniref100 database. (If you require a different database, please let us know and we will download, format, and apply it). This section is very important as all proteomics data require the correct database to work (as an example: if you have an overexpressed human protein in an E.coli system, you need to let us know, and we will then make a dual specific database for your study).
Please select species
How were your samples processed prior to submitting them to us?
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If applicable, please tell us the approximate concentration of your samples(s), and how was it determined? You can clip and paste from an excel sheet or send by email.
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Is your sample in a buffer?
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If yes, please list all the components of the buffer and their approximate concentrations (this is important as many buffers will greatly affect the work up and MS analysis).
Please tell us the concentration of your sample
If known, what is the sequence and approximate molecular weight of any specific protein of interest? This is important if overexpressing a protein, IP enriching, or if it is mutated, has an expression tag, etc., as we may need to add that sequence to our database in order to observe it.
Please input molecular weight of proteins of interest
If submitting a gel or gel bands, have you included a blank and a positive control such as BSA of 25-100ng (MS analysis of controls are run at no charge and are highly recommended)?
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If submitting a gel or gel bands, have you taken a picture of the gel and labeled the samples and MW of the standard? If so, please email to Kyoko Kojima Ph.D.
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Are you interested in post-translational modifications (PTMs)? This information will help us search your data correctly. In addition, if you have specific amino acids that you want us to focus on for a known protein of interest, please let us know name of the protein and the specific AA site(s) so that we may map those sites in order to apply the correct digestion enzyme in advance. Of note, PTM analysis can add a significant amount of informatics time, please try to limit your PTM request in order to limit additional charge backs.
If not interested in PTM, please type no
Additional Comments:Please mention any additional information about your sample set as detailed as possible, and feel free to email any additional materials that you feel will help guide our analysis. Finally, if there was any special one-time discounted pricing expected, or mentioned by the director (ex: first time PI use), or any comments from a previous meeting with the director that are pertinent, please add here or forward to Kyoko Kojima by email. While we will do our best to remember previous conversations and emails with users and/ or PI's, this will assure you get the best data possible and that you are not overcharged, etc.
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Additional Notes: Prices include the running of standards and blanks, spectral preprocessing for initial database searches and basic reporting. Sample preparation, additional data interpretation with analysis of data beyond the standard matching algorithms for protein ID are performed at an additional cost as outlined in the services section.

Please submit the form above in as much detail as possible to allow us to give you the most appropriate analysis, and we will get back to you with an estimate of total cost and details and suggestions for additional sample preparation if needed. If we do not get a confirmation email back to you within 10 minutes, or if you feel there has been a delay or problem with running your samples, please follow up by an email to the director at: mobleyja@uab.edu.