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The standard services at the UAB Heersink SOM/ O’Neal CCC MSP-SR include 1. Single and complex protein identification, 2. Quantitative proteomics (label-free, chemical or metabolic or isobaric labels including iTRAQ, TMT, SILAC, and SILAM), 3. PTMs, and 4. Statistical and Systems Biology/Pathway analysis. The MSP-SR is led by Dr. James Mobley, an expert in mass spectrometry with a focus on clinical proteomics applications, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry. He leads a highly trained team with over 50 years of combined MS/Proteomic experience applies refined Standard Operating Procedures to each sample set for the optimal data outcomes using the MS technologies and tools available (listed in the “Equipment” section). Instrumental and experimental quality controls are key elements incorporated throughout each sample set. Consultation with the Director is available to current and future users who are interested, and/or have sample sets that require unusual processing. Tailored sample processing and data analysis are discussed, designed, tested and applied as necessary to accommodate those unique situations. In addition, the experts at the MSP-SR are available on-site to assist the users with a workflow that includes study design, statistics, systems biology analyses, reporting, and detailed interpretation of datasets; in all, providing unique research opportunities to Heersink & O’Neal investigators. All sample sets submitted are strictly managed by our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and billed by SKU-based Facility Billing System (FBS).