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The University of Alabama at Birmingham prides itself on having faculty and house staff officers who are not only national leaders in their fields but also hail from diverse backgrounds. As the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery looks to the future, we are searching for the next generation of talented and diverse surgeons. Applicants whose backgrounds will bring a unique dimension to our residency program are encouraged to apply. Four students will be awarded scholarships each academic year. Recipients of the Sherrill Scholarship will be given a stipend of $1,500.

Scholarship recipients will have an opportunity to further their orthopaedic knowledge while working with faculty and house staff officers on two of our sub-specialty services. Our goal is to introduce you to the processes of evaluating and treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries. Daily responsibilities will include ward rounds, clinic duty, and operative cases. Students will be asked to follow two ward patients who they will present on rounds and in weekly conference. Scholarship recipients are asked to prepare a single 15-minute PowerPoint presentation (topic to be assigned upon receipt of the scholarship) and are asked to present this at the morning conference. Finally, students are asked to take two nights of observational call at our trauma center during their four-week rotation.

Application Process

The John D. Sherrill Senior Orthopaedic Visiting Medical Student Scholarship is a merit-based award. Applications must be completed and submitted with the required documents (listed below) to Cindy Perdue at cperdue@uabmc.edu. Please note that applications will not be reviewed unless all documents are received and complete. 

Required Documents

  1. Requirements of UAB Office of Medical Student Services for visiting student
  2. Complete this form for the John D. Sherrill Senior Visiting Medical Student Scholarship
  3. Provide an electronic photo (passport photo)