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In March, many of our colleagues will be recognized for their years of service working at UAB and the Department of Pathology. The UAB Service Awards proudly honors those employees who have made a significant career commitment to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The program is designed to recognize and express appreciation to employees at each five-year milestone who have completed five or more years of service to UAB. A presentation is held in March for non-hospital employees having completed the required years of service by Dec. 31 of the preceding year.

In 2019, UAB had 1,118 employees eligible for service award recognition. Click here to meet the 2019 Service Award Recipients with 20 or more years of service. We appreciate your ongoing dedication to the continuing success of the University‚Äôs mission and vision. On Friday, March 13, the Department will host a recognition ceremony for our department's many award recipients.

Years of Service Name Division    
5 Dr. Prachi Bajpai Anatomic Pathology    
5 Brenda Dale Anatomic Pathology    
5 Dr. Frida Rosenblum Donath Anatomic Pathology    
5 Dr. Todd M Stevens Anatomic Pathology    
5 Carlene Zindl Anatomic Pathology    
10 Adam Ethan Martin Anatomic Pathology    
15 Dr. Silvio Hector Litovsky Anatomic Pathology    
25 Henrietta Turner Anatomic Pathology    
5 Dr. Daniel S. Atherton Forensic Pathology    
5 Dr. Daniel W Dye Forensic Pathology    
5 Melanie H Fecanin Laboratory Medicine    
20 Susan Davis Kloda Laboratory Medicine    
20 Dr. Marisa Marques Laboratory Medicine    
35 Donna M Crabb Laboratory Medicine    
10 Dr. Kenneth Fallon Neuropathology    
5 Dr. Craig L Maynard Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
5 Dr. Rajasekaran Namakkal Soorappan Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
5 Dr. Joo-Yeun Oh Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
10 Dr. Douglas R Hurst Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
15 Dr. Yabing Chen Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
20 Telisha N Millender-Swain Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
20 Dr. Rakesh Pravinchandra Patel Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
20 Dr. Selvarangan Ponnazhagan Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
25 Michelle S Johnson Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
25 Dr. Joseph L Messina Molecular & Cellular Pathology  
5 Florenda Cullen Bryant Pathology Finance    
20 Mary A Jarrett-Wilson Pathology Finance    
20 Israel Ponce-Rodriguez Pathology Finance    
35 Timothy L Awtrey Pathology Finance    
5 Dr. Samuel G. Borak Comm Practice Pathology Pgm  
20 Dr. Walter C Bell Comm Practice Pathology Pgm  
5 Adrian Flannery Genomic Diagnostics & Bioinformatics