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UAB researchers and pathologists are changing the way patients are diagnosed and treated through precision medicine.

Our primary goal is to care for our patients through accurate and efficient testing. Through our extensive research and work in genomics and bioinformatics, we're able to more accurately pinpoint the source of disease and recommend effective treatment options that are customized for the patient.

Lab Services

UAB Pathology is recognized in the Birmingham community and beyond for providing accurate and timely diagnostic services in all facets of anatomic, clinical, and research pathology. For additional details, please visit our LabSource website, which provides information for all sections of UAB Hospital Laboratories including the Kirklin Clinic Laboratory, the Emergency Department Laboratory, Bedside Testing, and UAB Highlands Laboratory.


The outreach area is located at the 2nd floor Spain Wallace Building, Room S299.  Professional and technical consults may be obtained at 205-975-8100 or 800-287-0122.

Outreach Supervisor: (205) 934-6440

Research Account Specialist: (205) 975-8103

UAB Clinic Supervisor: (205) 975-8108

Additional Outreach Questions:

Kuruvilla George, Executive Administrator - (205) 975-0045