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On January 31, 2020, the Department of Pathology tied for second place in the UAB School of Medicine's 4th annual Diversity Fair, hosted by the UAB School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion. The fair took place in North Pavilion Atrium and featured a live international band and cuisine from around the world, courtesy of the UAB Heersink School of Medicine departments. Each department hosted a table and represented its department's cultural diversity. Judges evaluated each department presentation, and the winner was chosen based on the table's design and food offerings

IMG_0581.JPGMonica Henderson, left, and Susan Mills, organizers of the 2020 Pathology display   DSC04470.JPG

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The 2020 Diversity Fair Table Results

First Place (tie)
Department of Genetics
Department of Microbiology

Second Place (tie):
Department of Pathology
Department of Pediatrics

Third Place: 
Department of CDIB

The entire Pathology department was asked to participate in the fair and contribute to the table, in an effort to capture diversity as a whole. Monica Henderson, Fellowship Coordinator, decided to play on UAB's retired motto, "Knowledge that will change your world," to, "Diversity that will change your world."  

Department of Pathology Diversity Fair Table Contributors

  • Dr. Silvio Litovsky- empanadas (Argentina)
  • Israel Ponce-Rodriguez- Inka Kola (Peruvian soft drink) 
  • Heba Alsheikh- Basbousa (Egyptian dessert), Egyptian table-top decor items
  • Dr. Shuko Harada- mini rice balls 
  • Monica Henderson- pancit (Philippines), Hawaiian table-top decor items 
  • Dr. Marisa Marques- Brazilian table-top decor items 
  • Sandy Cummings- Dolls from China, Vietnam, and Japan
  • Susan Mills- contributed in decoration, setup, and food serving
  • Lisa Smoot- original artwork 

 By Hannah Weems