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The Biomedical Sciences Poster Service Center offers posters for nominal prices to students, faculty, staff, and others unaffiliated with UAB.

Scroll down for poster payment FAQs.

                   We only accept UAB Oracle accounts for payment.
      Poster Tube

Pricing Guide

  • Standard Photo Paper Details

    $35.00 - White background
    -Excluding Title Banners
    For example CLICK HERE.
    $45.00 - Color Background
    Including text boxes with color background.
    For example CLICK HERE
    $55.00 - Longer than 56”, less than 72”
    Poster size examples: 36x60, 42x60, 36x72, 42x72.
    $65.00 - Longer than 72”
    Poster size examples: 36x84, 36x96, 42x84, 42x96. (For posters longer than 96”, please contact the office for pricing.)
  • Fabric Details

    $85.00 - 36" Satin-Poly Fabric
    Poster size examples: 18x36, 36x24, 48x36. (For sizes longer 56”, please contact the office for pricing.)
    $95.00 - 44" Satin-Poly Fabric
    Poster size examples: 44x44, 42x72, 42x84. (For posters longer than 72”, please contact the office for pricing.)

  • Rushing Printing & Additional Fees

    $15.00 - Next Business Day Printing
    Added to the base price of poster submitted 8A.M. and before 4:30P.M. for a next day pickup.
    $70.00 - Same Day Printing
    Flat rate fee for paper posters. Printed on the day of submission. Also counts posters submitted after our business hours the day before pick-up. Cut off for Same Day printing is 2:30P.M.

    Additional Fees:
    $10.00 - Solid Black Posters
    Extra $10 fee is added to the base poster price of any poster with a solid black background.
    For Example CLICK HERE.
  • Poster Tube

    43” TSA-Approved Poster Tube
    Includes crossbody strap

How do I pay for my poster?

The Poster Service Center only accepts valid UAB Oracle accounts for poster payment.

  • If paying with an Oracle account number, the payment for your poster will post to the account at the end of the month.

Do you accept checks, credit/debit cards, or Venmo?

No, we only accept valid Oracle accounts

What is an Oracle account, and how do I get one?

An Oracle account number is not the same as a UAB username, and is not associated with having a One card.

An Oracle account is a string of numbers (7 digits if a general ledger account, 6 digits if a grant account), and is provided to departments, labs, and other UAB divisions.

If applicable, contact your department’s business officer to access a valid, active Oracle account number.

Do I get a receipt? 

If paying with Oracle account, you may ask for a copy of the request form to be made for your records as well.