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Here is a start to finish, step by step guide to create and print your poster with us.

1. Create and size a PowerPoint slide.

Visit Page Set Up for sizing directions.

  • What size should my poster be? Poster sessions, conferences, and other presentation events have guidelines on poster size. Check with the event coordinator for poster size guidelines, and check whether your poster should be oriented vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).

NOTE: You do NOT have to create a poster as large as the display space; you only have to create a poster that will fit within the display space.

2. Place information on slide.

  • What should I put on my poster? All posters should have a title banner that includes the presentation title, authors, and affiliations at the top of poster. Scientific posters usually contain the following sections: introduction, methods, results, conclusion, and references/acknowledgements.

3. Review material for errors and aesthetics.

Proof read content, and make sure all design elements are uniform in color, placement, sizing, etc.

The poster center only prints to 36” OR 42”. Make sure one of your poster dimensions is either 36” OR 42” (examples: 36”x 30”, 42”x 54”, 36”x 84”, 42”x 90”, etc.).

Common poster errors to look for:

  • Slide is sized incorrectly: Double check that your poster is sized correctly; for sizing instructions, visit Page Set Up.

  • Overlapping text and images: Zoom in by 100% and take a good look at the poster section by section. If you notice things missing or overlaping, find a way to make the content fit either by reducing the size of the font or the image, or by moving content.

  • Low quality images: If the image is fuzzy or pixelated when zoomed in to 100%, then it will be fuzzy and pixelated when printed. Replace blurry images with a high resolution image (at least 100dpi).

  • Images and text boxes hanging off slide: Poster content should fit on the PowerPoint slide. Content that is in the grey area surrounding the slide in PowerPoint will be cut off upon printing.

4. Complete Poster Request Form.

Fill out all the white boxes (Lines #1-#11) at the top of the poster request form; do NOT fill out the form after the line "STOP. For office use only."

5. Submit poster and completed request form to poster center.

There are a few ways to submit your poster and request form: