Noon conference lecture series (didactic and case conference): The fellowship is also supported by an outstanding general diagnostic radiology residency program with daily didactic conferences (including 32 neuroradiology didactic lectures and case conferences over a two year curriculum) held for residents and fellows at 12:00-1:15 pm in the Tishler Conference Room. These lectures are recorded daily and archived so that they can be viewed live or at a later date by our residents. The fellows are expected to deliver a didactic conference/case conference as part of this series each year.

Didactic lectures given in the past few years include: 

—Brain Neoplasms
—Neurocutaneous Syndromes
—White Matter/Demyelination
—Stroke and perfusion
—Vascular Malformations
—Intracranial Venous Diseases
—Metabolic/toxic Abnormalities
—Neurodegenerative disorders/Dementia
—Brain Infection
—Degenerative Spine
—Traumatic injuries of the spine
—Post-Operative Spine
—Spinal cord tumors
—Vascular Abnormalities of the spine
—Spine Infections
—Inflammatory/autoimmune abnormalities of the spine
—Craniovertebral junction
—Paranasal Sinuses
—Suprahyoid Neck
—Infrahyoid Neck
—Temporal Bone
—Central Skull Base Anatomy and Pathology
—Mid and Anterior Skull Base, Facial Bones, including parasellar structures
—Sella/Suprasellar Anatomy and Pathology
—Salivary glands/thyroid/parathyroid glands
—H & Neck Trauma
—TMJ and jaw lesions
—Imaging of cavernous sinus

Additional conferences

Case based conferences are held in the neuroradiology section several times each week by various neuroradiology faculty in the mornings (typically 8:30-9:30) with dedicated didactic conferences throughout the year, with mandatory fellow participation.

The following interdisciplinary conferences are attended or conducted by neuroradiology faculty and the fellows should attend periodically:

—Neuro-oncology tumor board
—Head and neck tumor board
—Neurology case conference

Several additional interdisciplinary conferences are available for the fellows to attend. View NeuroRad Multidisciplinary and Tumor Board Monthly Conference Schedule

—Cerebrovascular conference (weekly)
—Pediatric neuroradiology conference (weekly)
—Pediatric neuroradiology tumor board (weekly)
—Neuroradiology journal club (periodic)
—Neurology grand rounds (periodic)
—Brain cutting conference (weekly)

Barfield-Carter Lecture Series and Grand Rounds: Melson Barfield-Carter, M.D. served as the first chair of the UAB Department of Radiology from 1945-1955. She was both the first woman department chair and the first woman professor at the Medical College of Alabama. We invite an outstanding female radiologist to speak to our department each year for the Barfield-Carter Lecture Series. We also have leaders in the field of radiology speak at Grand Rounds several times throughout the year.

Diagnostic Radiology Quality Case Review: This conference is held every month at the departmental level where we review quality cases and quality issues affecting patient care and includes review of pertinent neuroradiology cases.

Additional information can also be found at the following link: UAB Diagnostic Radiology Department