Salary, conference time, vacation time, and sick leave etc. are fringe benefits that are competitive with other fellowship programs.

Salary:  (Effective July 1, 2018 - June 2019)

PGY Level 6
Annual: $62,678
Monthly: $5,223.17

Book and Travel Fund:

Discretionary spending. $2800 is available for use at the fellow’s discretion. This money can be used for books, tools, educational material, expenses related to meetings, and licensing and testing fees etc.

Additional benefits to fellows at no cost:

—StatDx Access is provided to the fellows.
—Access to e-Anatomy and medical journals electronically through Lister Hill library login
—Accidental Death and dismemberment Insurance
—ACLS/BCLS Certification and Re-Certification
—Call Room facilities
—Counselling Services through the UAB Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
—Pagers, lab coats, and scrubs
—Discount in Hospital cafeteria (60%)
—Flexible Spending Account
—Group Term Life Insurance
—Long-Term Disability Insurance
—Professional Liability Insurance
—Remote access to the UAB Electronic Medical Record
—403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Plans (optional)

Other benefits:

—3 weeks (15 days) of paid vacation annually
Designated holidays
—Family and medical leave
—Low cost health, dental and vision insurance
—Low cost recreational facility membership
—Sick leave and sick leave donation

More information about the general terms, conditions, amenities and benefits of appointment can be obtained from the UAB Graduate Medical Education (GME) website here. For more details about UAB employee benefits, please see the UAB Human Resources Benefits website.

Moonlighting: We allow external moonlighting, to be done in compliance with moonlighting regulations in the Fellowship Manual that are in accordance with the UAB GME moonlighting policy.