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What to expect as a UAB Interventional Radiology Resident:

Excellence. UAB is a tertiary referral center for the southeast and level 1 trauma center. The volume and variety of procedures you will be exposed to will be enough to make you confident to practice anywhere in the country. We have more than 65 subspecialty radiologists in the Department, including 10 full-time interventional radiologists. Interventional radiology is a resident-driven service with excellent graduated autonomy. And bonus – everything is on one campus!

Priority Education. Our residents are a priority in our department and we have engaged teaching faculty. The first three years of the Integrated IR residency attend noon conferences with the DR residents as well as monthly teaching sessions with IR faculty and fellows. DR noon conferences are focused on the ABR blueprints, but also devote time to learning about business and leadership. In your IR years, we have a separate curriculum devoted to IR education. IR residents also participate in both DR and IR journal clubs, and utilize national curricula such as RSNA Patient Centered Care and the SIR Residency Essentials curriculums. Our faculty enjoy teaching residents and are involved in education on a daily basis.

Mentorship. All of the incoming integrated IR residents are paired with upper level residents to help make the transition a bit smoother. They can help answer questions about where to go your first day, where to get the best barbeque (spoiler: Saw’s), or what to read. The DR and Integrated IR residencies also start the year with an annual resident retreat to bond as a team for the rest of the year. You will be known from the beginning and encouraged to be the best you can be!

Family. Relationships made during your time with us will last well beyond your years at UAB We foster events outside of work for residents, their partners, and kids so that we can bond and genuinely enjoy time in Birmingham.

Value. With the novel implementation of Integrated IR residencies, we place high value in resident involvement in decisions that affect the programs making. Residents are involved in committees overseeing curriculum development, resident wellness initiatives, departmental policies, quality improvement, hospital-wide GME committees, and more. We have professional development funds to support sending our residents to national radiology meetings.

Discovery. We encourage resident driven research. We have some brilliant, creative faculty who are leading the way in both clinical and translational research, who can help you publish and pave the way of the future! Residents are encouraged to participate and are reimbursed when they present at national meetings.

Wellness. We work to create an environment where you will thrive both at work and outside of work. We have built a wellness initiative within our residency that is run by the residents and supported by our faculty. Examples of our wellness program include an annual resident retreat, a family picnic day in a local park, faculty and peer mentors for each resident, allowing flexibility in schedule to allow for doctor’s appointments, feedback sessions with the program director, recently renovated learning spaces in our department, and more.

Empowerment. Exercise your educator muscles by teaching rotating junior residents and medical students how to perform procedures and provide excellent patient care. Participate in hands on teaching with quarterly procedure simulations for medical students and residents. Our residents are encouraged to give lectures both to rotating medical students and introductory lectures to our new residents. Contribute and even present at the annual UAB IR symposium with participants throughout the southeast.

Call. SURPRISE! A necessary evil in residency. Integrated IR residents take DR call during the R1-3 years (info below), a mix of DR and IR call during the R4 year, and IR call only during the R5 year. Independent IR residents only take IR call.

DR call utilizes a week long night float system where 2 residents take in house call for UAB overnight (24 hour in-house attending coverage). You will also get a sense of autonomy by covering both Children’s Hospital of Alabama and the VA overnight, where clinical decisions will be made based on your preliminary reads.
IR call is combined with our inpatient consult rotation. Residents on IR call carry the call pager, triage patients, do inpatient consults and handle admissions and discharges for UAB, UAB Highlands, and Children’s of Alabama. Outside of call, every weekend and holiday is YOURS.

BE in the “MAGIC CITY”. Named for its overnight explosion of population during the steel era, Birmingham continues to grow in people, food, and culture. The cost of living remains relatively low, and many residents choose to buy houses here. You can enjoy all the new and classic restaurants, bars, and parks in Birmingham easily on a resident salary.

Moonlighting Opportunities. R2 residents cover contrast administration at our outpatient imaging center in the mornings and evenings. Interpretation moonlighting is reserved for the more senior residents and includes evening pediatrics, evening and weekend neuroradiology, and weekend ultrasound. IR moonlighting is available for R2-R4 residents on Saturdays. All of these are optional and covered under your UAB medical malpractice insurance.

CORE Prep. UAB pays for your own individual account of RadPrimer and STATdx throughout residency. We have a group of dedicated physicists who are passionate about teaching everything you need to know about medical physics. Integrated residents receive a stipend of $6,250 for educational needs you have during your time with us.

Be YOU! Let’s face it, residency hits right in the middle of real life! People run marathons, build houses, travel, and start and grow families while they are here. We support you! UAB offers 4 weeks of paid parental leave for those who have new babies, and we encourage you to take it. If you are a woman and want to breastfeed your new baby, we have all the resources to support you!