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VanderNoot Marty acute care

Associate Professor
Chief, Inpatient Wound Care Service

Areas of Interest
international medicine, emergency medicine, wound care, hyperbaric oxygen

Selected Publications

Reducing hospital acquired pressure injury in a learning health center: Making the case for quality. Learn Health Systems

Interprofessional Skin Team Tackles Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries. American Journal of Medical Quality

Abdominal Wound Healing Using Negative Pressure Wound Therapy With Instillation and Dwell Time in Critical Care: A Case Study. Wounds

Cost of Quality Pilot: Examining a Systematic Methodology for Comparing Patient Costs With and Without Pressure Injury. Journal of Healthcare Quality

Innovations in Pressure Injury Reporting, Creating Actionable Data for Improvement. Journal of Healthcare Quality.

Dengue Fever: Two Unexpected Findings in A Complex Disease. Emergency Medicine.

How Much Tropical Medicine Do I need and How Do I Access It? Nuts and Bolts. 2015.

Residency Rank List: Does Prior Global Health Exposure Affect the Match? West JEM.

Diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract lesions by endoscopic Ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy. Cancer.


Diagnosis of radiographically occult calcaneus fracture with bedside sonography. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.



Medical School
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC
Emergency Medicine


Campus Address
BDB 600

Patient Appointments and Questions: 205-996-9264 (Russell Wound Care Clinic)
Academic Office: 205-934-4911