by Caleb Jones

UAB Eye Care has returned to UAB Student Health Services to provide eye and vision care to all UAB students, with or without insurance. UAB Eye Care optometrist Candice Turner, OD, will be providing care in the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Students will be able to access a range of eye care services and are eligible for student discounts on exams and glasses.

“We’re excited to be back in Student Health Services,” Turner said. “When the COVID-19 pandemic began we had to leave, which was unfortunate. It’s important for young adults to receive regular eye care, though it can be easy for them to forget about as they juggle the stress of academics, life and of course now the pandemic.”

Young adults should get an eye exam annually, according to American Optometric Association (AOA). Although vision generally remains stable during these years, problems may develop without any obvious signs or symptoms. Prescriptions change, increased computer time can tire the eyes, and certain sports may require special frames.  Depending on family medical history, some students may be at risk for certain eye diseases. The best way for students to protect their vision is through regularly scheduled in-person comprehensive eye exams.

“We hope our return to the Student Health and Wellness Center will encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to prioritize their eye health, which is important to their overall systemic health and academic success.”

Students can schedule an appointment and learn more about student discounts by calling (205) 975-2020.