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The American Academy of Optometry Foundation (AAOF) has awarded Kwaku Osei, OD, Vision Science Graduate Program student, the 2020 Mike Daley/Essilor Ezell Fellowship.

“I consider this fellowship a recognition of my future potential in the field of vision science research,” Osei said. “The American Academy of Optometry is the largest global platform for practitioners and researchers in optometry and vision science. It is a special honor to be recognized and awarded by such a body.” 

The Ezell Fellowship program is named after the founding President of the AAOF, William C. Ezell, OD. It was established to provide recognition and support to talented post-doctoral students who are pursuing an advanced degree in optometric research and education. To date, over 430 William C. Ezell Fellowships have been awarded since the inception of the program in 1949. 

A number of faculty and staff at the UAB School of Optometry have received this prestigious fellowship. A total of six faculty members are previous Ezell Fellows, and seven students have received the Ezell Fellowship. 

Upon graduating, Osei hopes to obtain a postdoctoral position to further his research into dry eye disease and contact lens-related infection. His ultimate goal is to become a tenured faculty in an optometry school/college and make novel discoveries to advance the field of tear film and ocular surface research.

“The Ezell Fellowship seeks to attract vision science graduate students into optometry teaching and research careers,” he said. “This award, thus, motivates me to stay on course to achieve my goal of pursuing an academic career.”