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by Caleb Jones

UAB School of Optometry student Emily Platt, class of 2024, won the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA) Logo Contest. The former art student’s design is now the official logo for the organization.

“I always appreciate a chance to be creative,” Platt said. “I did my best to design a simple logo that conveys NOSA's mission of extending eye and vision care to minority and underserved communities. I am honored that my design was chosen to represent NOSA, and I hope that it will help spark interest in future supporters of the organization.”

NOSAbluelogoNOSA is an international service organization comprised of over 1,000 optometry students dedicated to increasing access to eyecare for minority and underserved communities.

“I am a new NOSA member this year, so I don't have much experience with it yet, but I am thankful that I have already had the opportunity to contribute!” Platt said.

The Grovetown, GA, native has been an artist for years. She took an art class in high school then tried pursuing science in college but eventually made her way back to art. Business and art were Platt’s concentrations within her Interdisciplinary Studies degree, and she became a wedding and family photographer while in college.

Platt says her love for art in some ways ties into her optometric pursuits. “My photography background definitely helps me appreciate a good, sharp focus in the slit lamp.”

She says art will always be a part of her life. Platt hopes to one day rekindle her pottery hobby and said that she will forever continue to annoy her family with her camera in hand.