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Lawrence Sincich.

Director of the Graduate Program

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SHEL 911

(205) 975-3446

Teaching/research interests: Anatomy and physiology of the visual system (VIS 613), optics for vision science (VIS 610), visual psychophysics and perception (VS 122, VS 211), graduate educational initiatives.

Office hours: By appointment


  • A.B., Stanford University, Human Biology with Honors
  • Ph.D., Harvard University, Neurobiology

Research Interests:

Dr. Sincich combines physiological and anatomical approaches to delineate how visual signals are transformed from neuron to neuron at early stages of the primate visual system. Current and anticipated projects range from single photoreceptor stimulation and mapping in the intact retina, to functional characterization of the distinct populations of neurons that project from primary to secondary visual cortex.

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