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In July 2023, President Watts established the UAB Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee to guide and support UAB’s approach to addressing strategic opportunities and risks presented by the emergence and rapid uptake of generative artificial intelligence (AI).  The AI Advisory Committee reports to the President’s Risk Cabinet in its executive-level oversight and governance role.  

The role of the committee is to recommend to the President’s Risk Cabinet policies and procedures applicable to the development and use of generative AI within UAB.  The committee is responsible for:

  • Fostering a culture that encourages responsible use of AI consistent with UAB’s guiding principles
  • Reviewing and approving requests for AI systems, tools, and services to be used for official institutional purposes;
  • Monitoring developments in and opportunities for AI applications relevant to UAB activities; and
  • Providing guidance to UAB community members in regard to legal and compliance risks associated AI.

Membership is comprised of senior administrators, faculty leaders, student representatives, and others as needed based on subject matter expertise or area of operational authority.  The committee works collaboratively with the Digital Strategy and Transformation Committee and IT Strategic Advisory Committee.


Katie Crenshaw – Chair

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