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Unit(s)/School(s) should complete their internal review and approval process for their new courses in September and again optionally in February. The courses need to be submitted as new courses to the registrar by October 1st or March 1st.

The new course catalog submission deadlines are October 1st and March 1st.

New course submissions for UCC/GCC review shall include:

  1. course number,
  2. course title,
  3. course catalog description,
  4. credit hours,
  5. contact person(s),
  6. a list of potential course conflicts, if any, and
  7. a discussion of why the new course would not create a conflict.

Syllabi may be requested by the UCC/GCC for more information and should be provided by the above listed contact person(s) within 7 days.

Proposals for new Programs, Certificates, and/or Tracks that include new courses will include a ‘new course form’ for each new course, provided as addendums in the Proposal. These new course forms will facilitate review of new courses and prevent an unnecessary secondary review once the new course is listed. The new course forms will be removed by the Provost’s office prior to sending a proposal to the Board of Trustees and Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

New courses will be reviewed by GCC Liaisons (members), Alternates and by Units/Schools/Departments/Program Leadership during the month of October and March.

If a conflict is noted for a new course, it will the responsibility of the Unit/School noting the conflict to send an email with a detailed explanation about the course conflict to the submitting Unit/School’s contact person(s) and copy (Cc) the Chair of the UCC/GCC.

The leadership of those Units/Schools involved in a potential conflict, will discuss (and meet, if necessary) the conflicting course(s) during the month of November and April, independent of the UCC/GCC Chair and Senate committees.

If the parties have come to a resolution before the end of November/April, both units involved shall notify the UCC/GCC Chair of the resolution and its substance, copying the units and leadership that flagged the concern.

If there is no resolution or a disputed resolution, or the Units/Schools were unable to meet during November/April, the leadership of both Units/Schools will present at the next UAB Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee meeting (either December/January or May/June ) for a vote that will determine the final outcome of the new course proposal.

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