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Get discount tickets for the Aug. 29 game against the Tennessee Smokies. 

Join UAB Football coaches, student-athletes, university administrators and supporters for a public reveal of the new facility at 9 a.m.

Faculty and staff can purchase discounted tickets to see the Birmingham Barons take on the Mobile Bay Bears. 

Each year during Women’s History Month, UAB honors women who have mentored or served other women, taken a courageous stance or overcome adversity to achieve a goal. 

Watch the UAB Kidney Chain on Nighline

ABC’s Nightline featured the great work of Jayme Locke, M.D., and the UAB team whose tireless efforts and innovation have built the nation's longest single-site kidney chain.
With instant access to volumes of information comes responsibility for its legal use.
Research that sheds light on the way gliomas migrate and cause brain tumors may reveal a new avenue to kill them. The findings, published June 19 in Nature Communications, show that gliomas disrupt normal neural connections and hijack control of blood vessels — which may open the door for chemotherapy.
Get healthy during a five-week UAB Employee Wellness program: lower your blood pressure five points, lose five pounds and engage in five designated fitness activities. Register June 27 at the Green Screens to be eligible for prizes.
UAB is submitting a competing renewal for its Beckman Scholars grant, and faculty who mentor undergraduate researchers are encouraged to participate.
In one class, students play hide’n’seek with an opponent they cannot see: a radioactive isotope.
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