Points of Pride

  • Success in translational research leads to $34 million grant renewal
    This renewing of UAB’s prestigious Center for Translational Science Award will bolster research and workforce development at UAB and throughout its regional partner network in the Southeast.
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  • When computers learn to understand doctors' notes, the world will be a better place
    By training computers to pick out timing clues in medical records, UAB machine learning expert Steven Bethard, Ph.D., aims to help individual physicians visualize patient histories, and researchers recruit for clinical trials.
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  • Graduate training to improve special education services gets a boost
    A $1.25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education will fund scholarships, provide research opportunities and support collaboration between UAB's schools of Education and Health Professions to improve education services for young children with disabilities. Professor Jennifer Kilgo, Ed.D., who directs Project TransTeam, expects to train 70 scholars in five years.
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  • English alum becomes a comic genius

    UAB alumnus Jason Aaron has plotted a heroic path as a writer for Marvel comics, where his Star Wars and Thor storylines have surprised fans and generated critical buzz. Aaron discusses his storytelling powers, the challenge of reinventing iconic characters and the role played by UAB creative writing courses in his supersized success in UAB Magazine.

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  • UAB makes President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
    Each year, the U.S. president recognizes institutions that reflect the values of exemplary community service and achieve meaningful, measurable outcomes in their communities. UAB, which was recognized in three categories — general service, economic opportunity and education — has been on the honor roll since 2006.
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  • Online graduate program in public health ranked No. 2 nationally
    TopMastersInHealthcare.com ranked 70 U.S. online program offerings for its list of "Top 10 Best Online MPH Programs" and was impressed with UAB's depth and breadth.
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  • Men and women process chronic pain differently
    Robert Sorge, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology, is lead author of a paper published in Nature Neuroscience online that disputes the assumption that a common pain circuit exists in both sexes. New research shows males and females may use very different biological systems to process pain; the key difference appears to be in the immune system and under control of testosterone.
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  • New degree programs, graduate track in the approval pipeline
    Curriculum items approved by the UAB Board of Trustees during its June 19 meeting will be submitted to ACHE for evaluation and review. They include degrees in general studies, human resource management, genetics and genomics and psychometry.
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  • Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you?
    The computer brains inside autonomous vehicles will be fast enough to make life-or-death decisions. But should they? A member of UAB’s national championship-winning Bioethics Bowl team — and the team’s coach, a renowned bioethicist — weigh in on a thorny problem of the dawning robot age.
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  • New clinic offers hope for patients with rare spinal cord disease
    UAB has established the third multidisciplinary comprehensive clinic in the world for transverse myelitis, which can cause loss of motor function or paralysis. It will provide a place each patient can see all the medical professionals who have a role in their care at one time and in one place.
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  • Investigators intent on improving quality of life among women with cancer
    UAB physicians are assessing ways to improve coordination between women's health providers to deliver more comprehensive care for those undergoing surgery for endometrial cancer. New surgical protocols that combine reconstruction could offer a longtime improvement in quality of life, researchers say.
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  • UAB Baseball helps Mississippi family cope with loss of father, husband

    At a time when a young boy needed a friend and a role model, UAB students stepped up to help provide that for him.
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  • “Extra costs of extra weight for older adults”

    UAB research, clinical services featured in PBS story that examines the high and rising costs of health care for obese adults as they age.
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  • Smartphones are learning new tricks
    sensomatic main imageYou may think your phone can already do everything, but UAB cybersecurity researchers are adapting accelerometers, GPS chips, gyroscopes and other sensors to make phones that can read your mood, eliminate passwords, protect your bank account and more.
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  • Theatre students explore the fabric of time
    UAB’s Department of Theatre tops the best-dressed list, following a donation of more than 200 vintage clothing pieces spanning 90 years of fashion. See some of the dazzling dresses and hip hats, and discover how the unique collection is inspiring and educating students, in UAB Magazine.
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  • Suits 4 Success drive collects 1.5 tons of clothing

    The items were donated to the YWCA of Central Alabama and My Sister’s Closet to help them provide work-appropriate clothing for women in need. 

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  • Kaul gift to help launch personalized medicine
    UAB’s new Personalized Medicine Institute will use a $7 million gift from the Hugh Kaul Foundation to advance this emerging discipline, which uses an individual’s own genetic profile to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.
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  • Renowned expert named inaugural director of UAB Informatics Institute
    James J. Cimino, M.D., will lead UAB's new Informatics Institute, which was established in June 2014. Cimino, who previously was the chief of the Laboratory for Informatics Development at the NIH Clinical Center and a senior scientist at the National Library of Medicine, is a national leader in the field of biomedical informatics and co-editor of the most influential textbook on the subject.
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  • Research enters data-driven era
    During the past few years, technological innovations have opened up an entirely new way to approach scientific questions. Data-driven research starts with massive information sets — the genomic profiles of thousands of patients, for example, or millions of spam emails — and then searches for emerging patterns in that data. In the latest issue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s "Business Horizon Quarterly", UAB President Ray Watts, M.D., explains the way data-driven research at UAB is being applied to find novel treatments for disease, create new products and businesses and train the next generation of innovation-savvy students.
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  • Cerfolio to help promote excellence at historic Alabama high school
    A partnership between Professor Robert Cerfolio, M.D., and Montgomery's Sidney Lanier High School will help support and encourage students interested in medicine. Students will get a chance to hear the latest research strategies and literature and gain access to mentors and other resources, and UAB will help with the college-admission process, financial aid and strategies for success.
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