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We are recruiting 9th grade Black males for a new study that is focusing on film viewing and academic functioning. The project involves viewing 4 films and completing 3 surveys with the ability to make up to $70 dollars for participating. This study is designed to take place completely from the participant’s home. If you are interested in learning more email afis.uab@gmail.com or call/text at (205) 549-3416 for more information. 
Is your child ages 4 or 5? If so, they may be eligible to participate in a study at the UAB Youth Safety Lab. This study is about superheroes and children’s play. It involves a 90-minute visit to our laboratory and involves no risk or invasive behaviors. During the visit, you complete questionnaires while your child participates in games with a research assistant. Your child will also be randomly assigned to dress up as either a superhero or a student in school. You and your child earn $40 and take home a special prize as a thank you for your time. For more information, and to see if you might be eligible to join, please contact (205) 934-4068 or email chmorgan@uab.edu.
Is your child in good health without Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Thyroid dysfunction, Autoimmune diseases, Moderate to Severe Intellectual disability, or Taking medications affecting? If so, your child may be eligible to participate in a research study at UAB. Compensation up to $140 for two visits, each visit lasting 5 hours. For more information, please call the UAB Office of Psychiatric Research at Call: 205-975-4207
The Cognition, Brain, & Autism Lab is recruiting participants for a research study on reading comprehension at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This study observes how children’s brains respond when they read and understand words and sentences, using a series of paper-pencil tests and a type of scan called functional magnetic resonance imaging also known as fMRI. We are recruiting children and adolescents between the ages of 7-13 diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, children with reading comprehension difficulties, and typically developing children. Your child may be eligible for a free language intervention. Participants must be native English speakers and right-handed. Participants cannot be claustrophobic or have braces. If you are interested in participating, contact Maria Martino at (205)202-0616 or mmartino@uab.edu
UAB Eye Care researchers are looking for healthy, nearsighted children between the ages of 5-12 to participate in a study. The study is being done to see if low-dose eye drops of a drug called atropine can help prevent nearsightedness from getting worse. Participants will be randomized to either 0.01% atropine eye drops or placebo eye drops. Participants will use the study eye drop in each eye nightly for two years. Then, there will be 6-months of no eye drops. Study visits start with an enrollment visit and a randomization visit. Then, participants will see their study doctor every 6 months for about 2.5 years. Each visit will be about 1 to 1.5 hours. Study visits are no-cost, and participants are compensated for their time. Glasses may also be provided by the study. If you are interested in learning more about this study, please call Jenifer Montejo at 205-996-0203 or send an email to Dr. Kathy Weise at kweise@uab.edu.
The School of Health Professions department of physical therapy is conducting a research study on muscle development in the legs of children. Strength test will be performed, such as jumping and running, and bone density will be tested through ultrasound. All testing is free. Participants will be compensated up to $50, and parking will be covered. If your child can walk or run without the aid of an assistive device and did not suffer a fracture in the past year, your child may qualify. The total time commitment is approximately 4 hours spread over 2 days separated by a minimum of 5 days. For more information, please contact: Harsh Singh at hsingh@uab.edu or call 205-996-1413 or 205-996-1414.
Is your child in good health without: diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, mental illness or taking medications affecting weight. If so, your child may be eligible to participate in a research study on early life stress, obesity, and depression. Compensation up to $80 for one visit! For more information, please call the UAB Office of Psychiatric Research at (205) 934-8336
Looking for healthy participants ages 15-18 to participate in a study looking at depression, obesity, and early life stress. Must be in good general health with no history of mental illness, physical conditions such as autoimmune, cardiovascular or endocrine disease, and not be taking any medications that affect weight. If you have a child who may be interested, please call 205-975-4207 or 205-934-8336
We invite families with children ages 7 or 8 years old to participate. The study involves up to 31 visits to the UAB Youth Safety Lab. Parents respond to questionnaires and children engage in a state of the art virtual pedestrian environment and complete various other tasks and activities. Families will earn up to $600 for their participation, including $100 for each 2-hour visit and $25 for each 30-minute training session. Parking is provided. Children receive a toy at each visit. There are no medical procedures involved and most children enjoy participating. Call the UAB Youth Safety Lab at 205-934-4068 to enroll or ask questions. You can also email us at safetylab@uab.edu
If you are 18-65 years old, have a child 12-65 willing to participate in the study with you, generally healthy, with or without history of early life trauma you may be eligible to participate in a research study to explore whether you can pass along your stress to your children. Compensation provided: parents $100/children $25. For more information and to determine eligibility, please call Katlyn at 975-4208.
Researchers at UAB are conducting an exciting study in adolescents to investigate how diet quality influences body composition, quality of life, and other outcomes related to fatty liver disease. Overweight/obese children ages 10-17 who have elevated liver enzymes may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending study visits, completing several assessments, and taking part in a nutrition program for 2 months. All participants and their parents will receive monetary compensation as well as two weeks of groceries valuing $330. For more information please call 205-975-0424 or email shima@uab.edu.