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A close look at the EW Motion Therapy mission reveals it is designed to help clients and team members through continuing education and professional development. It says “we are students of movement” and that can read literally as they assist clients achieve better motion and it can read figuratively as they help each other develop better skills.

“There is an emphasis on education at EW because we want our therapists to be the best – we want them to never stop learning,” said Delk, a team member since 2001. “We have a professional but not a rigid environment and like the culture at UAB PT, everyone at this place becomes like family.”

“Because of UAB, you can make the transition from someone who wants to be successful to someone who will be successful due to the foundation you receive,” said Kendell Jno-Finn (PT 2007), CDO, EW Motion Therapy and clinic director–Trussville.

Jno-Finn quickly added, “As long as you work hard.”

And that was the work ethic each of the UAB PT alumni saw and endured when each were in the program. They were taught that you work hard not for you, but for those you serve.

“We were taught more than academics,” said Jno-Finn. “We were shown the importance of serving your patients and your community.”

That community includes the UAB PT family that continues to grow each year. Whether they see them as students during a clinical rotation or as alumni when they are colleagues, the EW Motion Therapy team will always be there for the next generation. They will do this because of the overlapping mission and philosophy.

“The foundation of the UAB PT program and the leadership are strong,” said Jno-Finn. “The faculty have steered the program in the right direction and have instilled a philosophy of excellence in students that continues long after graduation.”

UAB Alumni at EW Motion Therapy

UAB PT: Mike Eskridge, Ethan White, Jon Delk, Kendell Jno-Finn, Kathy White, Stacey Gresham, Katherine Stone, Ally Edwards, Amanda Krumrie, Becca Lee, Allison Schmidt, Aaron Sherrill, Hilary Young, Leigh Ellen Cowart and Mark Franks

PTAs: Stacey Cole and Chris Pierson

Fitness Staff: Mike James, Caroline Faught and Ben Styes