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“What I have found is UAB alumni generally have a want to advance their profession and not just themselves,” said Yake, who received the School of Health Professions’ Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014. “UAB PT alumni recognize early on advancement is not a right. Their real world perspective and their understanding of strengths and limitations is usually a breath of fresh air comparatively. UAB faculty does a great job of providing perspective for their graduates.”

Across the states where you will find PT Solutions locations, you will also find an entrenched commitment to teaching and learning. The organization provides post-graduate residency clinical training that is focused on growing and developing leaders. And while in most places these positions work solely on the PT practice, Yake’s team focuses on the PT themselves.

YakeRT“Our training is focused on not just clinical skills delivery, but important success skills like advancing emotional intelligence, relationship building and communication,” said Yake. “With each ladder of skill development, we enhance our associates with training, feedback and education in this realm.  We want to afford graduates to be agents of change and respond personally to it more effectively.”

Currently, PT Solutions has more than 20 UAB alumni working for the organization. They also host countless UAB PT residents.

“PT Solutions’ therapists carry on the culture with each new generation of additions and the UAB culture of pursuing your dreams and realistically understanding that that’s not a straight path of sustained inclination works well with our mission, vision and focus,” said Yake. “UAB PT develops students with a penchant of wanting more in life, more in practice and more in outcome; and from that wanting more, derives personal happiness.”