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Feel like you have too little time and too much stress? We are here to provide you with support.

New to conducting research or lost in the process? We are here to provide you with guidance.

We understand that research is a critical part of your role as a faculty member. That being said, the research environment is constantly changing and successfully securing funding opportunities can be challenging. We understand and are here for you.

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Questions as You Prepare to Submit?

A Month Before Your Grant Is Due...

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    Proposal Due Calculator

    Sponsor Due Date

    Declare Intent to Submit Grant Proposal

    SHP R&I will contact you in two days.

    All Documents Due

    for SHP R&I for Review by:

    OSP Due Date

    SHP R&I will submit to OSP.

    At least a month before your grant is due to NIH or any other external funding agency, please declare your intent to submit here. A member of our team will reach out to you within two business days to confirm your grant submission timeline and will provide a list of required documents and relevant templates. We will work with you closely to help prepare your budget documents for submission and will serve as your liaison with OSP.

    Note: The proposal due date calculator above displays OSP deadline as well, so you don’t have to check their website separately. We will work with OSP so you do not have to directly contact them.

R01 Guidance Summary

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    Here are guidelines for NIH R01 submission, multidisciplinary studies (R01 Clinical Trial Optional).

    Application Components

    Click the button below for a PDF with general guidelines of NIH R01 appclication components. Please refer to the specific Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for specific instructions.

    General Information

    Project Period

    • The maximum project period is five years.


    • Direct Cost Limit: $500,000 per year
    • Indirect Cost Rate: 48.5 percent (48.5%) MTDC for On-Campus Research
    • Cost Share: Not Required

    Submitting to SHP–R&I

    • Only submit final versions of required items (excluding the budget).
    • Please submit required items upon completion. Do not submit at the deadline.
    • Additional items may be requested throughout the application.

    Post Submission

    • After you submit, you will receive a series of emails from the OSP Officer. Feel free to check the assembled application in eRA Commons.
    • When you receive your Summary Statement from the sponsor, please forward to Jill Meredith via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    General Formatting

    • Font Type: Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype, or Georgia.
    • Font Color: Black.
    • Font Size: 11-point or larger.
    • Symbols: May be used to insert Greek letters or special characters; font size requirement still applies.
    • Figures, Graphs, Diagrams, Charts, Tables, Figure Legends, and Footnotes: May be a smaller font, but must still be black color.
    • Margins: At least one-half (1/2) inch at the top, bottom, left and right.
    • Header and Footer: Do not include any information in the header or footer of the attachments. The header and footer will be system-generated.
    • Application: Must be submitted by the OSP Officer via ASSIST by 5:00 pm central time on the due date.
    • ASSIST ID: 0000000 https://public.era.nih.gov/assist
    • SHP R&I stands for School of Health Professions Office of Research & Innovation
    • You may follow this link to the Application Form Instructions NIH website for a detailed submission guide.

Managing Your Award

Please inform Jill Meredith upon notification of your grant award. SHP R&I will work with you to confirm/update your budget and have the award processed by OSP. OSP will send the finalized award to Grants & Contracts Accounting to have an account created. SHP R&I will distribute the account number to the PI and others as needed, add any applicable effort, and initiate any funded subawards.

SHP R&I post-award administrators will monitor your account to ensure expenditures are accurate and spending is on track as budgeted. We will send out account summaries and projections quarterly, and we are available to meet as needed. We will inform you of upcoming progress reports and/or extension due dates.

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    SHP R&I is here to help you throughout the grant process, including providing the following services post-award:

    • Subaward amendments and renewals
    • Subaward payment processing and tracking
    • Rebudgeting requests
    • Cost transfer requests
    • Just-in-time requests
    • Other Support document development

    Here are links to sample Word Documents to help with post-award guidance:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need assistance.

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