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Consistent with peer institutions, UAB is updating our practice for enforcing an internal deadline in order to ensure proposals meet the sponsor’s requirements and deadlines.  UAB requires all grant proposals be submitted for review to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) prior to submission to the external sponsor.  The complete proposal along with the required supporting documents (i.e., Extramural Checklist, RPL, Funding Opportunity Announcement) must be received in OSP no later than 8:00 AM five (5) full business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.  Any incomplete or late submission to OSP will not be accepted for review by OSP or submission to the sponsor without an approved exception. The sponsor’s deadline is the date and time for the cutoff as shown in the funding announcement.

UAB is subject to numerous requirements, including but not limited to those set forth in specific sponsor solicitations and guidelines, federal regulations including 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance, Alabama statues, as well as UAB institutional policies. Sufficient time is necessary for OSP personnel to verify a proposal’s compliance with those requirements and to ensure an overall level of quality prior to the application’s deadline. Therefore, OSP is mandated to conduct a thorough review of all extramural grant proposals prior to submission to sponsors.


PI submits application to OSP 5 business days prior to sponsor deadline. OSP will then return a review summary 3 business days prior to sponsor deadline. The final application must be submitted to OSP 1.5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. OSP submits to the sponsor before the sponsor deadline.


  • Proposal Due Date & Time Calculator

    This tool calculates the due date and time to OSP for both the complete final and "ready to submit" proposal based on a given sponsor deadline date and time. The tool also provides the date when the Officer Review Summary will be returned to the PI. The output automatically updates when any of the input fields are changed. Note that all times used and displayed here are US Central Time.

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More Details

Submission Steps

Omission of these steps will result in the proposal being returned to the department as Incomplete and may jeopardize the submission of the proposal to the sponsor.  Remember:  Each UAB school/college may have additional review and approval deadline requirements in addition to the OSP 8:00 AM five (5) business day institutional plan. Please contact your department research administrator for the specific requirements for your area.

To submit a proposal to OSP, the PI/submitting department must:

  1. Submit the full proposal along with the complete and properly signed UAB Extramural Checklist and RPL to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For a list of required documents, use the OSP Required Documents tool.
  2. If the proposal is to a federal sponsor with a portal, the checklist must include the portal identification number (ASSIST, Workspace, etc.), and FOA number. Submissions that include a partially completed or not appropriately signed Extramural Checklist will be returned to the department as Incomplete.
  3. Once a submission has been successfully received by OSP, the department personnel named on the Checklist will receive an email notification indicating if the proposal has been accepted or sent back to the department as Incomplete.
  4. Submit the final application (upload final draft of science/research plan) via the agency portal (ASSIST, Workspace, etc.) and send an email to the reviewing OSP Officer. For non-profit/foundation proposals, the proposed RFA (or RFA link on Checklist) and a completed copy of the application are required.

alert iconALERTS

  • Shell or empty applications, or those that contain placeholder attachments will be returned to the department as Incomplete.
  • Complete and final proposals received with less than 1.5 business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline date will not be submitted.
  • Multi-Project GrantsDue to the volume and complexity of multi-component grants, OSP will require additional review time for these projects. All multi-project applications are due at least ten (10) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. PIs submitting proposals with more than five (5) projects/cores are strongly encouraged to engage OSP staff in the planning process prior to grant submission to OSP.  Our desire is to help you with a successful grant submission.


OSP Review Summary

Proposals are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis.  No proposals will “cut in line.” The OSP officer will provide a review summary report of the application within two (2) business days of receipt, which should provide the PI adequate time to complete final modifications to the application.