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  • UAB Guide to Re-entry

  • Resumption of Research Operations

  • Research news

    Guidance For Researchers During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Convalescent plasma therapy is treating coronavirus patients in UAB research

  • UAB will test a COVID-19 vaccine candidate created by Altimmune Inc.

  • UAB among first in the U.S. to offer clinical trial for the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19 using nitric oxide

  • Search for drugs effective against COVID-19 includes UAB and Southern Research

  • UAB launches research studies to combat COVID-19

  • Cytokine storm treatment for coronavirus patients is focus of first-in-US study

  • Coronavirus antibody testing now is available at UAB. Here’s what that means — and what it doesn’t.

  • Research news

    UAB among U.S. sites hosting new clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment

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