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UAB's Department of Health Services Administration (HSA) along with the Alumni Association of the Graduate Programs in Health Administration (GPHA) are committed to providing pertinent programming for our graduates. We are currently hosting webinars from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST on the 2nd Tuesday each month, focusing on topics that impact healthcare leadership, informatics, quality and safety and simulation. We ask that you register for each webinar with the links below. Scroll down further to view past webinars.

  • January 11, 2024: AI and Its Impact on Healthcare

“Global Health and Alumni Making an Impact”

November 2022


“Innovating for Better Behavioral Health”

November 2023


  • The Power of Storytelling from Women Healthcare Leaders

    March 2023


    The Myths and Realities of Private Equity in Healthcare

    February 2023


    The Art of Mentoring: Lessons Learned From the Forge

    January 2023

  • Global Health And Alumni Making An Impact

    November 2022


    Top Trends in Healthcare Innovation

    September 2022


    Top 10 Things Healthcare Executives Should Be Doing Regarding Cybersecurity

    July 2022


    Trends in Executive and Physician Compensation

    May 2022


    Understanding & Navigating Diversity Resistance

    March 2022


    Looking Ahead – Trends to Watch in 2022

    January 2022

  • Personal Resilience and Executive Presence: How Leaders Show Up When Times are Tough

    December 2021

    Honoring Our Heroes - Trends in Veterans Health Administration

    November 2021

    The Art of Mentoring: Lessons Learned from Mentors and Mentees

    October 2021

    PX Isn’t What It Was or Has Been and It’s Changing

    September 2021

    What All Healthcare Leaders Should Know About Value-Based Care and How It Impacts the Triple Aim

    August 2021

    Health Law Update

    July 2021

    Courageous Leadership in Health Care

    June 2021

    How Simulation Can Help During and Beyond a Pandemic

    May 2021

    Do No Harm: Caring for the Caregivers

    April 2021

    Celebrating Women's History Month

    March 2021

    Lessons Learned from Long-term Care Executives

    March 2021

    Healthcare Facilities of the Future: How Covid is Transforming The Building Landscape

    February 2021

    Leading with Optimism

    January 2021

  • Innovations Created During the COVID-19 Crisis

    December 2020

    Healthcare Leaders’ Role in Addressing Racial Inequity

    November 2020

    Overcoming the Challenges of Running an Organization while Working From Home

    October 2020

    Keeping Patients Safe During COVID

    September 2020

    Navigating the Job Market in a Pandemic Era: A Conversation with Executive Search Professionals

    August 2020

    Constant Upheaval: Disaster Planning for Sustained Uncertainty

    July 2020

    Virtual Health: Re-Shaping the Delivery of Care

    June 2020

    Tales from the Front Lines: Leading During COVID-19

    May 2020

    Being Your Best: Courageous Leadership for Creative Problem-Solving

    April 2020

    The Next Step In Your Career: How To Give Yourself An Edge

    March 2020

  • GPHA Alumni Engagement: A Win-Win Partnership

    August 2019